Essential Tools for the Gardener

Are you looking to start gardening as a newfound hobby? First and foremost, you need to invest in the right kind of tools. Your success and your enjoyment in gardening are highly pegged on having the right set of tools to execute activities that pertain to gardening.

Herein we will explore the must-have gardeners’ tools. Read on to get acquainted with various tools that you must have for you to experience fulfilling and successful gardening.

#1. Soil Knife

This is typically a concave blade that has serrated outer edges. It is the perfect tool for transplanting, cutting through roots, weeding, and many other functions.

#2. Weeders

These are tools that can pry up weeding along with their roots, thereby getting rid of the weeds roots completely.

#3. Gardening Scissors

This tool will come in handy when you want to snip herbs, deadhead flowers, or even harvest some vegetables.

#4. Hand Trowel

Available in wood, plastic, and metal, you will need trowel when planting bedding plants.

#5. Shovel

When it comes to shifting and moving material such as compost, soil, sand, gravel, a shovel is irreplaceable.

#6. Watering Can

This is a no-brainer. You need a watering can to water your plants.

#7. Fork

Whether it is a digging fork or lifting fork, you will need to them during gardening.

#8. Pruning Shears

These are perfect for snipping off shrubs that are getting in your way while gardening.

#9. Rakes

There are different rakes designed and meant to be used for different purposes. For instance, there is the hard rake, shrub rake, and the fan rake. Decide on the types of rakes you need.

#10. Personal Safety Equipment

These are tools that enhance your safety whole gardening. While it is an enjoyable activity, gardening does comes with its own set of hazards. Having a pair of gloves, kneeling pads, a gardening hat, and any other protective gear will help you a lot.